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Wedding Dress with Detachable Sleeves

This custom wedding dress is not finished yet, but my bride allowed me to show you this contraption I came up with.

Ok, I have to share this sleeve because it is some engineering up in here. So, I eased in the collar so the bias would stretch around the neckline. But! This is going to be a separating invisible zipper, and look at this contraption. My zipper was a little bit long, so I had to overlap it a little bit, you see, but she can take it off. This one unzips around the bottom of the armhole, and this one unzips at the top. So she doesn't have to take off the dress to take off the sleeve. And hopefully when it's an invisible zipper it will be flatter. But then, I put the pulls in the back so the flap (collar) can kind of cover everything. I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it.

P.S: In the end, this custom bride loved the sleeves so much that we decided to permanently attach them, but if you are looking for a dress with detachable sleeves and you're near Chicago or Roselle, I am your designer, and already have a plan for you.


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