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A ga designs each gown with its construction in mind. She understands that each woman's body needs a different corset foundation based on her natural silhouette and body type.  The ability to build a phenomenal foundation for any size gown is what sets Aga apart from made-to-order bridal designers and is the Agadesal trademark.

I was born in Poland, and from a very young age I knew that fashion design was my calling. After creating clothes for Barbie and other dolls with ambition and imagination, I started making life-sized garments soon afterwards.

After immigrating to the US in my early teen years, I decided to pursue a degree in Fashion Design at Columbia College Chicago. There, I found myself immersed not just in learning about current trends, but also all aspects of crafting beautiful pieces of art through clothing construction and production.

Subsequently, working for numerous fashion designers and bridal salons provided me with lots of enriching opportunities to hone my skills and gain meaningful industry experience. Immersing myself in the details and emotions involved in every piece I finished.

Eventhough I was very passionate about this work, I still felt that I was too restricted by the rules of someone else’s company. So, in 2015, I decided to open my own design studio. Now, instead of pushing boundaries within someone else's limits, I am able to express myself freely as an independent designer."


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