Nothing mass produced can compare to the feeling that a garment made specifically for you will evoke. This is a dress that has never been made or designed before, and no one will ever have another one just like it, except for you.


what to expect

when ordering a custom dress



Our design house doubles as an atelier, meaning that all consultations, fittings and manufacturing are done in the same place, onsite.

Normally, there is some time before we begin working on the gown. I create the opportunity to get to know each other first, so I can fully understand what you're looking for from your dress. I never rush, and have always been told that I'm very patient. My studio is judgement-free.

To inquire, please email up to 5 inspiration pictures for your dress and include your phone number. (

From there, we set up a phone call during which you can tell me little about yourself and the idea for your dress. From these details, I am able to provide a price estimate. 

Once the estimate is approved, we schedule an in person consultation, where we will discuss the color, style, shape, fabrics, and trims for your gown. We create, and agree on, a sketch finalizing all of the technical details. It is during this meeting that we take any necessary body measurements (30+ measurements) to ensure a good fit.

Depending on the occasion this dress will be worn for, and how complex the design is, the designer may decide to create a full, or a half prototype to check the fit at the first fitting. At this stage, fabric options will be presented and narrowed down. The number of subsequent fittings depends on the complexity of the design and time frame for the creation of your dress. 


Custom wedding gowns $3,000+
Custom gowns with a corset base $2,000+

Custom special occasion gowns with moderate structure $1,000+

*Pricing for a one-of-a-kind dress is based on the quality of fabrics and the intricacy of its design



The number of meetings depends on the complexity of your unique design. Please allow no less than 3 months for the production of your one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

I like to let the creative juices flow and may construct a prototype of your gown first, that way, we are 100% behind every detail before the gown is cut out of expensive fabrics. Beneficially, we have a little wiggle room for small changes. Since all gowns are one of a kind, I follow an organic process that is individualized for every client.



We are committed to making this an amazing experience for all involved. If you have any questions or concerns please let them be known.

As your designer (and friend), my priority is to help and guide you through this process. I am satisfied with our work together when you are.

The best time contact us is m-f between 10am to 6pm. We welcome clear and open communication (phone call, email)  |  773.599.3485


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A Bit About Me

"Born in Poland, I started creating at an early age. It started with Barbie clothes, then a variety of doll clothes eventually leading to the creation of life-sized garments. In my early teens, I immigrated to the US where I attended the local grade school then high school. It wasn’t until my high school years that I came to the realization I wanted to sew and design. Soon I began experimenting and sewing on a regular basis and decided to pursue my passions at Columbia College Chicago majoring in Fashion Design...”

custom dress

Let's Imagine It

Personally meeting with your designer, in a safe, judgement-free space to create a one-of-a-kind dress that's unique to you. A dress that fits you better than anything you've ever tried on in store. Made from only the best fabrics exclusively specific to your preferences. No one has ever worn it before because you two designed it together, invented it.

You create your own legacy and trademark that will surely be captured in beautiful photographs and remembered for years to come.