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what to expect

More often than not, a ready-made gown won't fit perfectly and will need to be adjusted.
The fit of your gown is of utmost importance and it completely elevates the way you will feel wearing it.
I work with you, personally, on an individual basis to ensure an impeccable & comfortable fit.

Please remember to bring your undergarments and shoes.
If you would like, you can bring up to two guests with you. Any more may create distractions and a stressful environment for the bride and seamstress. If this happens, we may need to put the fitting process on hold and have you come back by yourself for a re-do appointment.  Children under the age of 10 are not permitted.

If you need to get your dress cleaned, please do so before we begin alterations.


Please schedule your fitting appointment as soon as possible.
It takes 6-7 weeks to alter a wedding gown.
Special occasion dresses take 2-3 weeks to alter, but can be rushed if we have enough availability.
It is recommended that you schedule all of your fittings as soon as possible. We book up quickly, so it's important that we secure your fitting days in advance as we cannot guarantee availability.


Consultation & Fittings

Undergarments and shoes are a MUST at the first fitting. If you are unsure about what to wear under your gown, we will determine and recommend options at the time of your fitting.


What you are wearing under the dress, will directly reflect how it fits on the outside. Choose something that cooperates with your dress, not competes in shape and silhouette. Normally, we fit the dresses in such a way that corsets are not necessary, However, we do have a variety of corsets and bra pads at our studio that can be tried on and ordered upon request.

Posture may be slightly affected with a high heel shoe and may change the way the dress hangs on you, therefore it is imperative to bring your shoes to every fitting.

During the first appointment, we discuss and pin what will be altered. We will do everything one step at a time and make sure we have the same vision. Typically everything is pinned at the first fitting, but there are instances where we need to separate the process into multiple fittings. In this case, we would pin the top of the dress and leave the bottom for the following fitting.
At the end of the first fitting you will be given an invoice with prices for all the alterations.

* Arriving more than 15 minutes late to an appointment may result in having to reschedule
*If possible, bring a guest for second opinion and to help you with design decisions
*50% deposit is due at first fitting for wedding gowns. We accept Cash, Quickpay, and Credit (3% transaction fee applies) No checks
*Weight gain/loss may result in additional alteration fees, so please try to maintain your weight once we begin.
* If we need an additional fitting, we will schedule it at a later time
* All special occasion dresses receive a complimentary pressing
* Should you decide that you'd like to have your gown pressed before your wedding, we will schedule a steam pickup after the last fitting. Otherwise, the dress will need to be picked up at the last appointment
* Bring your veil to your first appointment if it's long and you'd like to get it bustled (for the first dance, cake cutting....)
* You can bring your accessories and do your hair for your final fitting to visualize how everything looks together

we put a lot of care into each dress altered and guarantee that your gown will fit you perfectly for your event



If you'd like a quote on alterations, send in a picture of the front, side and back of yourself wearing the dress including any relevant details and let us know what changes you'd like made. We will do our best to estimate pricing for you

This price list is based on a typical order.
Depending on the complexity of the garment, we may alter the price accordingly.
*If extra fabric or notions are required, it will be an additional cost


Regular Clothing Alteration Prices


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