Hey I’m Aga, owner of Agadesal Co,
AGA('s) DES(igns) AL(terations) and I’m so excited that you’ve contacted me for your bridal alterations. 

From our initial consult to the final fitting, I’m passionate about making brides feel beautiful, confident, and joyful in their wedding gowns.

Specializing in bridal sewing allows me to focus on you and your vision. I believe every part of wedding planning should be special, and that includes your alterations! 

Each bride has a unique style, a unique romance, and a unique dream for her wedding day. My job is to make you feel spectacular as we bring that dream to life.

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At your first fitting appointment, we will begin with an informal consult. We will spend some time talking through your vision for the dress.
This is when you can tell me the details of the wedding day, and share what concerns you have with the dress itself. The questionnaire you’ve filled out on my website will help me serve you better through this process! 



For basic alterations, I like to book the first fitting 5-7 weeks prior to the wedding date. The final fitting will be scheduled 1-2 weeks from the wedding date, to ensure a perfect fit. My bridal services include 3 fittings, and this allows for a more relaxed experience. For gown reconstruction, or major alterations, I book 3-4 months out from the wedding date.
Please schedule your fitting appointment as soon as possible.



A price estimate will be provided upon request and/or at the first fitting and a 50% deposit will be due. The invoice will be finalized after your second fitting, so there are no surprises at the final appointment, when the final payment is due.
Alterations within a 4-week window will
have a $100 rush fee added to the final
invoice. Alterations within a 3-week
window will have a $125 rush fee added.
Brides are encouraged to book ahead!


Complete your Experience

What’s Available

Bridal Party Alterations

Mother of the Bride/ Groom, bridesmaid gown alterations. We alter bridal shower and second wedding gowns as well.

Redesign & Customization

Custom Sleeves, laceup backs and design elements. Add a sparkle layer, or reshape the neckline or silhouette of your gown.

Custom Embroidery

Personalize your gown with custom monogram embroidery or a meaningful phrase/quote. Pick your favorite color, your wedding color or even "something blue." Choose from our library of available bridal designs.

Custom Veils & Garters

Choose the veil shape, length and embellishments to match your gown.
Celegrating your wedding in a traditional way, or just want a garter for pictures? We can create a garter from the leftover fabric from your dress, or create something to match. Choose from our collection of garter designs.

Gown Reveal

Invite your family or bridal party to celebrate your gown at your final fitting! Light snacks and beverages will be provided. Use this time to piece together your accessories and piece together your bridal look!

Gown Steaming

Invest in our steaming services to ensure your gown is wrinkle free and picture perfect for your big day.

Wedding Dress Preservation

Protect your gown's beauty so it can be enjoyed for years to come.


If you'd like a quote on alterations, send in a picture of the front, side and back of yourself wearing the dress including any relevant details and let us know what changes you'd like made. We will do our best to estimate pricing for you


Trains & Bustles

There are three main styles of bustles, the over bustle (American), under bustle (French), and ballroom bustle (hem)Each of them are described in detail belowEach have their own share of advantages and disadvantages and not every dress silhouette is compatible with every style bustle.

OVER Bustle

The over bustle is also known as the American bustle because the length of the train is brought up and attached on top of the skirt in the back. This is the most common bustle style because it doesn't add very much bulk to the dress and is simple to button it up. There will be a series of buttons and loops attached to the back of the dress. The number of connections (buttons) depends on the length and shape of the train as well as on the number of layers there are in the dress.

UNDER Bustle

Just like the over bustle, the under bustle also has another name, the French bustle. Rightfully so, because as opposed to the extra fabric being brought up, it is attached underneath itself. This bustle style is tied up with rings and ribbons that are marked with corresponding numbers and creates an entirely new silhouette. It is the ideal "princess bustle" because it creates a statement and a adds visual interest to the dress. Not every dress is compatible with this bustle style as it works best with wider style gowns, such as the A-Line. The more fabric and width there is to the dress the more ribbons will need to be added to hold it all up off the floor


The ballroom bustle, also known as the hem or German bustle is great for gowns that have a lot of details on the back of the skirt. This bustle folds under itself from the bottom so no details are hidden as a result. It is tied very similarly to the French bustle, with rings and ribbons marked with corresponding numbers. Usually, this bustle requires the biggest amount of connection points (ribbons). Because of the nature of this bustle, the weight of the train is distributed all along the back of the hem making it the perfect choice for the bride who will be dancing a lot at her reception. This style of bustle can be added onto any type of gown, except those that have a lace trim on the hem

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Agnes is personable and makes sure you are comfortable from the moment you walk through the doors. She makes sure to explain every detail of the dress and makes sure you are comfortable in your dress. You will not walk out of your alterations not feeling satisfied. Agnes makes sure you are wearing the dress not the dress wearing you. Every woman should feel comfortable in her own skin no matter her body type and Agnes will do that for you. Her attention to detail and timeliness is impeccable. She makes sure you feel at ease when leaving the dress in her hands. I would definitely recommend Agnes to anyone, she makes you feel comfortable and beautiful the moment you walk in to the moment you pick up your dress. Hands down best alterations experience I’ve received.

Klaudia P

Studio Location and Hours

Fitting days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I am currently designing and altering wedding dresses only. I am not accepting other formal dresses at this time.

(773) 599-3485

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