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Modernizing a vintage wedding gown to a bridal shower dress

I met with Jessica and her mom filled with excitement. They both had been thinking about transforming the wedding dress into a “toned down” more modern version of itself for Jessica’s bridal shower for some time.

The requests were:

Take off the collar/ neck piece and adjust the new neckline

Notice that I took off the illusion mesh from the back of the gown too! I took off the original buttons and moved them down the dress, and completed the zipper placket with stretch loops so the zipper would not be visible at all. I also added snaps to the skirt opening below the zipper to make sure it didn’t show any peek-a-boos. The gown was still in very good shape, and fully lined, but I do love when everything aligns perfectly.

Reshape the 80’s puffy sleeves.

This is a self explanatory transformation, and a necessary one. Sleeves like those are are gorgeous, but no longer in vogue.

Smooth out and shorten the skirt.

Did you notice how smooth the skirt became? This change required me to seperate the top from the bottom and adjust it. No more train either. But look at how the shortened skirt shows off those cute shoes!


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