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What is a Bustle?

At your fitting, we'll take a moment to explore the elegant world of bustles. No need to worry if this term is new to you—my job as your bridal consultant is to guide you through all the options. However, if you're looking to go above and beyond and familiarize yourself before your fitting, here are a few insider tips on the art of the bustle. Imagine effortlessly lifting the train of your stunning gown with a secret series of buttons and loops, or perhaps ribbons and rings. With the right bustle, you can dance the night away without tripping. Trust me, a well-crafted bustle can transform your bridal experience from simply stunning to absolutely unforgettable.

When to bustle?

As you transition from formal photos to cocktail hour on your big day, many brides opt to bustle their wedding gown to make it easier to move around and dance the night away. It's crucial to decide when and how you will be bustling your dress in advance, as this is typically a task that cannot be done alone. Your trusted helper needs to know where they should be and how to execute the bustle flawlessly. Consider bustling your dress right before the grand reception introduction to ensure you look radiant as you make your entrance onto the dance floor. Take the comfort and style of your gown to the next level with a seamless bustle that will help you enjoy your magical evening to the fullest.

Who should bustle my gown?

At your final wedding dress fitting appointment, a bustle lesson will be given so you can have that added touch of grace as you dance the night away. Bring along your designated bustling partner so they can practice this essential skill which will leave you with minimal stress as you enjoy your big day. Whether it's your trusted maid of honor or your mom, make sure they are present and responsible to ensure a seamless bustling process.

What are the main bustle types?

A bustle is attached via a series of loops and ties or buttons and loops. The fabrication of your gown and the style that you choose will dictate what will be used. I try to make the attachments as inconspicuous as possible ensuring that they are not so noticeable when the train is down.

I demonstrate all possible bustle styles (and sometimes even multiple variations) at your your first fitting/ consultation. We discuss the pros and cons of each bustle to help you decide which one is right for you based on looks, functionality and of course, future plans for your gown. I recommend that you take some pictures so you can refer back to them, get opinions from loved ones, sleep on it, and return for your 2nd fitting having made the decision of which one is your favorite.

"There are three key factors to keep in mind when choosing the wedding dress bustle that’s right for you. How the dress looks, feels, and behaves. Most brides simply focus on how to dress looks but I am here to tell you the pros and cons of each style so you can choose the bustle that’s right for you and perfect for the wedding you envision yourself having.

American Bustle

It is attached with a series of buttons to come either up to the waistline or a skirt line that falls somewhere below the waist. It is the most popular and preferred bustle because it doesn’t disrupt the silhouette of the dress as it lays very close to the body. Which is preferable for a lot of people.

French Bustle

It is somewhat the inverse of the American bustle because it goes under the skirt. It has a lot of volume so I like to think of it as your typical Victorian era dress. It’s also invisible from the outside when the train is down. It is attached with ribbons and rings that have numbers so you just match the numbers and tie them.

Ballroom Bustle

Also known as the hem bustle. It is the perfect bustle if you’re going to be doing a lot of dancing, because the weight is distributed all along inside of the train. It is also very clean on the outside because there’s nothing here. If your dress has a lot of details it might be a good idea not to cover them up with the bustle. The only downside of this this one is that the fold wear the skirt falls tends to get dirty, ripped and stepped on. You need to keep in mind what your intentions are with the dress for after your wedding if you are thinking about doing this bustle.

At the end of the day, realistically, the function of the bustle is to keep the train away from your legs so you and your guests are not stepping on it. There are really no wrong decisions here and we are here to help you . It’s your dream dress, let’s make it perfect.

Bustle Lesson

Here is an example of how to bustle an American Bustle. If you can't bring someone to your fitting appointment, don't worry! We can take pictures and a video of how to bustle your dress so they can study it before the day of.

The bustle is so personal to each gown and each bride, that it's nearly impossible to finalize any details until we meet in person and discuss all of the options. I will answer all of your questions at your design consultation. I look forward to working with you and designing your perfect bustle!


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