Rosegold Radiance

An evening gown collection in blush and rose gold. Inspired by the drape of luxuriously soft crape paired with the shimmer and organic shapes of rose gold sequins. Each sequin lace appliqué is strategically placed to accentuate and flatter the feminine silhouette in all the right places. Every piece created is one-of-a-kind and truly speaks for itself allowing the woman wearing it to radiate confidence and self-love.


Brilliant Luminosity

Captivate and surprise everyone with this transformation gown. A full length tulle skirt is completely removable to reveal a short mini dress adorned with hand placed sequin lace appliqués throughout. Be confident in knowing that you will get the best of both worlds with this gown; the dramatic pictures with the over skirt, and the freedom of a short dress to dance the night away.


Crowned Illumination

All eyes will be on you in this shimmering showstopper. Embody power and confidence with a built out shoulder and slimming V neckline upon your entrance and reveal a sexy open back to make your exit just as memorable. This gown features a playful, uniquely shaped gusset train that creates a little drama for this classic silhouette.


Glowing Sunrise

Wow everyone with this phenomenal gown. Its alluring sequin appliqués cascade down the hips, accentuating and flattering your curves while favorably drawing the eye upwards. Take joy in showcasing discreet peek-a-boo sides during photos as these frame the torso and create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette so you can leave them speechless at every turn.


Leading Light

Exude elegance as you wear this gown on your special night. This mermaid shape hugs every curve of the body in all the right places. It is adorned with glistening sequin appliqués that curve around the body in a mesmerizing pattern. A playful trim along the skirt will add a bounce of confidence to your step. A healthy balance of a little smart functionality and a lot of fun factor.


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