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Alteration Transformation

It's unbelievable to look at before and after pictures from an extreme wedding dress alteration. Sometimes I look back at my work and scratch my head over how I even got an idea to alter something a specific way and how exciting it is that it worked.

Couture wedding gowns are amazing because they're so intricate and interesting on the inside. It's like deconstructing and putting back together a puzzle, except that puzzle is probably the most important dress in a woman's life. Of course, there is no need for alterations when you're having a custom wedding dress made. I hope that looking at these alteration transformations gives you a taste of what it is like to work with me on creating your one of a kind haute couture dress for any fancy occasion.

This beautiful lace wedding dress undertook quite the revamp because we had to adjust the fit in a few areas to contour the body. The bride chose, my favorite, the ballroom bustle. I love this one because it disappears underneath everything and is pretty much invisible from the outside when the train is down. Best of all, the bottom of the gown behaves like a normal skirt and doesn't have a life of its own as many other bustles do.

I guess you'll have to come see me at my sewing atelier and try on a gown for yourself to find out *wink*


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