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Altering a wedding gown that’s too wide

This dress was beautiful, but just a bit too wide. After Kristen and I looked at it, we realized that if we took it in on the sides. It would make her appear even wider. The right answer was to make the dress more narrow up top by bringing it together.

A dress that’s been altered before is always an adventure. You just never know what you’re going to find inside. That was the case with this one. Many desists are intimidated by zippers and prefer not to touch them. This dress was only taken in on one side by the previous seamstress. As you can imagine, this made it quite lopsided. Maybe the previous owner of this dress didn’t mind or simply didn’t pay enough attention to notice. I always tell my brides what I see, and do my best to offer a solution.

I compared by measurements to that which was done before, then undoes everything and completed the work symmetrically.

Since there was some original unevenness, we decided it would be best to adjust the armpits at the second appointment. As you can see from the pictures, they needed to be lowered an reshaped.

As usual, the lace was cleaned up and reinforced, the skirt was hemmed and a bustle was added.


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