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Austrian Bustle

It's not the most popular one, but the Austrian Bustle is so pretty. I don't sew it often, because it doesn't work with every Wedding Dress. If the dress has a very long train, and there will be dancing at the reception, or at the very least, walking around and hugging family and loved ones, something needs to happen back there. That fabric has to go somewhere. It's the perfect time to take opportunity in the situation and create something beautiful. This lace wedding dress has lace around the waist as well as on the train, so if we had chosen any other bustle option, such as the French bustle, or the American bustle, it would have covered up a lot of the beauty of the dress. And how lovely it turned out!

As you can see, we also added a lot of structure inside this dress, because it had literally.... nothing. Nobody wants to feel like their dress is falling off, or holding onto its dear life by a pair of itty bitty straps. Basically we built in a corset into the dress. Since the lace had a sheer backing mesh, I covered the boning with a skin tone color so it wouldn't be evident that anything was added. That is always my goal- to look as though the dress wasn't touched at all and was made just for you. But hey... I'm still here to make a custom wedding dress from scratch if dealing with the stress of wedding dress alterations is not your thing ;)


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