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Blush Pink Rhinestone Gown with Sleeves

Zandra is the sister of the bride. She requested a gown with lots of sparkle, and sparkle is what she received!

The decorative stones needed some structure to lay on because in their entirety they did hold some weight. This called for a corset under structure, and who doesn’t want to be pulled in (snatched) so tiny to create that perfect hourglass silhouette?

The prototype (aka. muslin) fitting is always fun. It reveals things that we otherwise may not have considered. For example, I decided to make the dress without the sleeves, so Zandra could see how it would look with and without them. We were able to see the dress on her body to determine exactly how to position the bling without any pressure or need to commit right away. It was a collaborative process. We also played with the amount of flare in the skirt by seeing the proportions on the body. At the end of the fitting, she even decided to raise the slit!

Each crystal has its own casing so attaching all of them was a very delicate process. All done by hand, of course.

The charmeuse lining we used was super soft to the touch. I love adding irresistably soft linings to my gowns.

Understandably so, a custom corset dress calls for a lot of support in the bust. here’s a closeup of the quilted bra. The laces can be tightened a desired amount.

A blush pink gown with sleeves

The main request for this dress, and reason why Zandra decided to go custom, was because she was unable to find a dress that she liked with sleeves. Because we are still in the middle of a pandemic, gown designs are limited in store, and you pretty much have to choose from what they have to offer. Ordering a custom gown allows for more creativity and flexibility.

Not every body is the same, and we can’t expect to all fit into and like “cookie cutter dresses”; as I like to call them.


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