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Green Sequin Corset Gown for Wedding Guest

A custom dress for a wedding

Simone inquired about a custom dress for a wedding. We sat down and created a sketch of her vision together. The main plan was to work around the fabric and we could not begin until we found the perfect one. Once the hunt for the most beautiful green sequin fabric was complete, I was able to get to work.

First we met for a prototype fitting.The prototype is rarely perfect. The purpose of it is to get the fit of the dress 100% perfect. The first prototype ends up being cut into and drawn on by the end of the dress fitting. Any relevant notes are taken, hem lines and necklines end up shifting and contouring the body in a more flattering way. Dancing is a huge tradition in Greek weddings, and I had to make this gown functional. This design features a peplum just above the knee (not restricting movement) placed at the correct body proportions. of course, there is a purpose behind that too.

Drum Roll…

This dress has a bustle!

A dress with a bustle

Buttons are hidden just underneath the peplum that allow the skirt to be shortened. This way, Simone can change shoes throughout the evening.

Contouring the body with slimming lines

I love how this gown turned out. Those that know me, know how I like to boogie. I never take the fabric for what it is. It’s in my nature to manipulate it to achieve a desired effect. During the design consultation we spoke a lot about slimming and elongating lines. Patiently, I cut motifs out of the geometric side of the fabric to create flattering angles accentuating all the right parts of the body.

Final touch- the waist cincher. The corset. we got her ready to be sucked into that corset because after this gown was put on, it wasn’t going anywhere. Even though there are some tips I gave her, it’s probably best that there are two people lacing up the back of the dress.


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