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Custom Floral Mother of the Bride Dress

The vision for Jayne’s dress evolved over time. It takes a few months to make a custom dress. The most time consuming is the fabric sourcing and acquisition stage. Sometimes it may take over a month to receive fabrics from overseas.

I always begin with a very rough sketch of the custom dress (based on your inspiration pictures). We discuss the overall design of the gown, what are some must-haves and must-have-not’s. Then we talk about the ideal materials. From there I get to work. I put together a fabric presentation, so to speak.

I show you a variety of options for fabrics that fulfill all of your requirements, and will work with the dress. We need to keep in mind the weight, and texture of the material. But most importantly, how the fabric will feel when you wear it. In the fashion industry, we call this the “hand” of the fabric.

Here are some closeup pictures of the lace Jayne chose for her custom mother of the bride dress. If you look closely, you will notice that throughout the dressmaking process, the lace transforms. It becomes less… pink.

I always strive to finish the dress well in advance, so no one feels stressed. And when/if there are final tweaks needed towards the end, I do everything in my power to finalize everything.

Because, afterall, you know the motto over here 😉

The favorite part of the dress was the flowy skirt. We splurged on the yellow silk chiffon and it made all the difference. Because when you have a special event and decide to have a custom dress designed you should get everything and exactly what you want 😘

Can you imagine how this dress twirls!? Would you be bold enough to wear this color?


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