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Long train alteration

That train😍 believe it or not, there was more to it, but we minimized it a little bit so it was easier to wear bustled. We shortened the lining layers even with the floor so we only had to worry about bustling the outside. This was ideal because it makes the train and bustle look a lot more lightweight, delicate, and feminine. Another thing that helped was shortening the sides of the skirt. No bustling the sides.

I took in this dress a total of 7”! It was a very drastic transformation, but after discussing it with my bride, Raven, we decided that we still liked the proportions if we only adjusted it on the sides. This is less invasive to the dress than adjusting every seam. It also makes it easier to let out if she were to sell the dress in the future to someone that needed it a bit looser. Of course there was another tuck in the back, and boning that needed to be added to ensure a smooth silhouette in the back since the shapes changed so drastically. Nothing is ever as simple and easy as it seems. There seems to always be something that I spy with my little eye that could improve any gown. So honored that Raven trusted me with the alterations of her wedding gown. Cheers!


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