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Bespoke Lace Ballgown with Sleeves

"Thank you for making our day so special! You were the perfect choice to bring my vision, that I've had since a little girl, to life! And you were so patient with me and how picky I was ❤️ Love your work! I couldn't have asked for a better customer, service, vision and talent! You're the best!" -Bernadette

Welcome to the Agadesal atelier, where dreams come to life. My latest project was one that truly showcases master level craftsmanship. Bernadette came to me with a refined vision for her wedding dress, and we took it from there to create a truly unique and stunning look.

What to do when you can't find your dream wedding gown

Although she had purchased a gown that almost made the cut, it simply lacked the decorative elements she desired. That's when she decided to have a bespoke dress made just for her - with no compromises.

Making Bernadette's custom gown a piece of art

The foundation of Bernadette's dress was strong, but the structural element that needed alteration was the bodice. I made some structural changes to elongate the bodice and make her appear leaner and taller. But the real magic came in the details. Bernadette wanted her dress to be a work of art, and we added decorative elements that truly made it one.

Restructuring the foundations

I added an extending laceup panel in the back, not just to help synch in her waist, but to add a gorgeous decorative touch that was truly breathtaking. The end result was a dress that was exactly as Bernadette had always dreamed it would be. It's a testament to the fact that when you work with a dedicated and skilled professional, there are no limits to what you can create.

Bernadette longed for lace adorning an illusion bodice with sleeves, creating an off the shoulder neckline that would stun her guests. Though she adored the dazzling sparkle of her original dress, its beaded straps fell short of her bridal fantasy. So, I set out to help her realize her dream. I sourced a variety of exquisite laces, and together we discovered the perfect one. With its full length sleeves and tiny satin buttons that added a pinch of luxury, the final result was breathtaking. It was a dress that perfectly captured Bernadette's unique vision, and will be a treasured part of her special day.

The skirt shape gives the ultimate princess moment

I carefully placed a multi hoop skirt underneath to give the skirt its' shape, ensuring that Bernadette felt nothing less than perfect on her special day. The train is simply gorgeous, long and full, making for jaw dropping wedding photos. I haven't forgotten about practicality either, which is why I’ve created the perfect bustle to keep everything off the floor. This allows for ease and comfort while walking around throughout the day.

This look would not be complete without a custom-made cathedral length veil.

Seamstress vs. Dressmaker

When it comes to transforming a dress from its original form, the difference between a seamstress and a trained dressmaker is night and day. As a dressmaker myself, I take pride in being able to turn the original gown into a completely new creation that fits like a glove. By using my knowledge of patternmaking and corsetry, I can craft a stunningly fitted silhouette that leaves my brides feeling like royalty. Whether it's taking in and extending each piece of the bodice or creating a new waistline and adjusting the pleats, the end result is a masterpiece that looks like it was made just for her.

So if you're looking for a dress that stands out from all the rest, come "Experience the Agadesal Difference" and let's create something truly unique.

More on her custom matching flower girl dress coming soon!


Apr 01, 2023

What a transformation! The bride is glowing, it's so beautiful! Great job, Aga!


Extraordinary work! This is incredible!

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